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Here is how you can fix QuickBooks error code C=387

For software, which is being used by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide on a dynamic scale, it is hard for QuickBooks to maintain their servers all the time. This is one of the main reasons as to why we come across so many articles discussing a variety of QuickBooks desktop errors. It is simply because the user base is quite vast and so it becomes hard for the servers to maintain the entire load.

Although to make sure that all the users get the best experience, Intuit regularly releases new updates that are very useful for all the organizations using QuickBooks as their accounting software. But, even after regular updates, some errors that keep bothering users and impacting productivity. QuickBooks error code C=387 is one of these errors. This error is caused by a corrupted registry entry, thus, being one of the most common errors that users face constantly.

QuickBooks Error C=387 can also be caused due to template issues of invoices. This QB error can be solved by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog post. So, let’s get started.

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Causes of QuickBooks Error code C=387

This error, as we mentioned before, often bothers QuickBooks users. And, thus, there are plenty of factors that might cause this issue. Here are some of the many malfunctions in your system that might cause Error code C=387:

  • Possible malware attack on the system and breakdown of the firewall because of Trojan or virus
  • Multiple occurrences of improper system closure caused due to issues such as influence failure, power breakdowns, improper system shutdowns, etc.
  • Failure to initialize and run traditional operations by the system or an application being corrupt and hampering the task followed in the operations
  • Improper installation or installation of software packages, applications, drivers, etc., leading to invalid entries on the system and causing issues under windows written account
  • Deletion of a necessary file from the system or missing files in the host system.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error C=387?

There are a handful of solutions that a user can perform in order to fix QuickBooks Error C=387. The reason as to their being so many methods of fixing this error is because of the regularity. As, this error pops-up too regularly and hence, can be a result of multiple factors. And, so, multiple solutions are required to get a proper fix for this.

Solution 1: Refresh the system and Create Invoice

  • Firstly, go to the Customers option, which is present at the top menu bar. Select the Create Invoices option.
  • Here, select a template in the upper right corner of the invoice (any template).
  • In the template, enter details in fields such as Customer, Item and Amount (the entered information will be deleted in the upcoming steps).
  • Click on the Save button which is present in the upper left corner of the invoice, and then click on the Delete button which is present beside the former.
  • Lastly, Click OK button.

Solution 2: Fix via Repair tool

  • For this, first, you will have to download the repair tool form the manufacturer’s website.
  • After downloading from the repair tool, double click on the Software’s icon and install the program.
  • Once done, click on ‘Start Scan,’ this will scan your PC for any errors in the QuickBooks desktop.
  • If an error report is found, click on ‘Next’ and then click on ‘Repair now.’ This will repair the error present on the PC.
  • Once done, make sure to reboot the PC so that changes can take effect.

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Solution 3: Fix the template error by random checking

  • Start with going to the Lists (follow with going to templates in case templates are Inactive).
  • Select Templates one by one by selecting a template and clicking on Open form.
  • Perform the step mentioned earlier with all the templates until an error shows up, then close the form.
  • Select the template with the error and then Edit the same so that it has no errors.

Solution 4: Fix with Re-Image Repair Tool

Scanning the system with Reimage repair tool - Screenshot
  • Download Reimage Repair tool and install the file.
  • Leave the checkbox unticked on the welcome screen, and it will trigger an automatic scan.
  • Once the tool completes a preliminary scan of the machine, repair all the damaged files of your PC by clicking on the Start Repair button in the button right corner.
  • Once the repairs are completed, restart the computer to put the changes into effect.

Complete all the solutions that are mentioned above. This will help you to clear all the errors. In case the issue continues, you can contact our 24*7 QuickBooks enterprise tech support team at +1-800-969-7370 for quick and precise solutions.


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