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QuickBooks is a great accounting solution that performs most of the major business tasks. Occasionally, this application encounter errors associated with QB software. One of a common error that may arise is – QuickBooks Error Code 6190. This error code may appear in some of the conditions given below.

In this blog context I am going to discuss about this error and it’s possible causes with few technical symptoms. Let’s start with it’s possible symptoms first. You can also contact to our QuickBooks Enterprise technical support team at 1(800)969-7370 in order to resolve this QuickBooks error 6190 with the help of experts. We will be happy to fix the error code 6190 for you!

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Symptoms of Error Code 6190 in QuickBooks

  • When the QB error code pops up on the display, it crashes active programs & application.
  • Your computer will lag or crash frequently while running the exact identical program. 
  • QuickBooks Error code 6190 message will be show on your display.
quickbooks error message -6190 -816 - screenshot
  • Your PC will become slow and lag while responding to the input from keyboard or mouse. 
  • Computer freezes occasionally and quits responding to all commands for a few minutes.

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Common Reasons of QuickBooks Error 6190

  • If the installation of QuickBooks software is improper or incomplete.
  • When the virus or malware badly infects the system files.
  • If the registry file are missing or corrupted or damage.
  • In case, QuickBooks associated programs or files are missing or deleted.
  • If another user is accessing the company files in single user mode, then this kind of issue could be seen.

Fixation of QuickBooks Error Code 6190

Here are some of the QB Error Code 6190 resolving steps shown below. You can manually fix this error by using the systematic steps given below in sequence:-

Solution 1: Repair the QuickBooks Registry Files associated with Error 6190

Follow the manually given steps below in order to edit or repair the QB registry files.

Repair the QuickBooks Registry Files - Screenshot
  • First of all Hit onto the “Windows” or “Start” button on the keyboard.
  • Enter the “Command” in the type-in box. Later, press the “Ctrl+Shift” keys together and tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • In case, you are not the admin then, enter the admin password followed by clicking on all the positive options.
  • The ‘command prompt’ windows will pop-up.
  •  In the ‘Command Prompt’ screen, type-in the ‘regedit’ and tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • A registry editor will appear on the display. Later, select the key associated with the error 6190.
  • Hit onto the “Export” & “Save” option.
  • Save the file with an extension “.reg”.
  • Finally, pursue the instruction to edit the registry files manually.

Solution 2: Execute the System Virus/Malware Scan

Execute the System Virus or Malware Scan - Screenshot

There are high chances that the error code 6190 arises due to the malicious attack of virus/malware in the system. In such situation, the QB users suppose to run the scanning process of the computer so that it identify and delete or remove potential threats.

Solution 3: Delete/Remove the temporary files & folders

It might be possible that due to prolong accumulation of junk files this error code may arise. Use the following steps to clean your system:-

  • Firstly click onto the “Windows” or “Start” icon on the keyboard.
  • In the type-in field, enter “Command” while pressing the “Ctrl+Shift” keys. Later, tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • In case, you are not the admin then, enter the admin password followed by clicking on all the positive options.
  • The ‘command prompt’ windows will pop-up.
  • In the ‘Command Prompt’ screen, type-in the ‘cleanmgr’ and tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • Start the Disk Cleanup to scan the computer. This process will generate a report that will show the junk files size in the computer.
Remove the Temporary Files & Folders - Screenshot
  • Choose the files that are need to be deleted with a click on the checkbox. Hit onto the “OK” tab and later, restart the system.
  • If the error code persists then proceed with the next solution.

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Solution 4: Restore from the System Restore point

Follow the steps for the system restoration:-

  • Hit onto the “Windows” or “Start” icon on the keyboard.
  • In the search bar, type-in the “System Restore” & tap on the “Enter” tab.
  • Hit onto the “System Restore Tool” option. 
  • On the display, you will see the instruction to pursue.
  • Type-in the ‘Password’ if required.
  • This restoration process may take a little time but wait till it complete properly.

Solution 5: Update and Install the Latest Windows Updates

Follow the steps in sequence to install the windows update:-

  • Press the “Windows” or “Start” key on your keyboard.
  • In the search box, type-in the “Update” on the display & then, tap on the “Enter” tab.
Update and Install the Latest Windows Updates - Screenshot
  • Search for the recent updates if there are any…! Then, install it.
  • Select the “Install Updates” button.

Solution 6: QuickBooks file doctor tool

The user can fix this error by downloading and install QuickBooks file doctor tool. After that, the user needs to carry out the steps below:

  • The first step is to “run” the tool
  • And then, if you are not logged in as “administrator“, then make sure to do so.
  • After that, there are two options available on the screen. i.e. “Network connectivity” only and “both file damage and network connectivity”.
  • The user is supposed to select the “first optionas it will detect all the damaged files and will fix the bug.
  • The next step in the process is to enter the “admin password” when asked.
  • The last step is to select the option according, when asked whether the file is on workstation or server. And then click on “Proceed” to end the process.


We hope that our attempt to deliver the best information about the QuickBooks Error Code 6190 is successful. If you still experience the same error then you need to contact the QuickBooks certified U.S based expert technicians at +1(800)969-7370.

Thanks for visiting our page, and spending your valuable time in reading this post. We hope that the information contained in the article might be of some help to fix the bug 6190.


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