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QuickBooks Error code C=47 is an error which occurs due to a problem in the settings of the Internet Explorer for a few protected websites. If you are a QuickBooks user, you may face this error while you perform a cleanup Windows Server 2008.

QuickBooks error code c=47 - Screenshot

If this error occurs, then this means that Error C=47 is trying to indicate that ‘Unable to find transaction’ and also fails for the same time update. It usually happens when you try to remove the transaction from a report.

Some other error messages you may see on your computer screen are:

“An error has occurred in QuickBooks.” Please re-start QuickBooks and try again.

If you continue to experience this error, please note the C=value and contact technical support. C=47

“Error has occurred in QB, please restart the computer, but it does not go away even after restarting.”

In order to resolve any such error, make sure that you scroll through the post carefully. Or there is an alternative for you to get in touch with our professionals via our toll-free support number i.e. 1-844-521-0490. Contacting our support team will help you in getting rid of the issue immediately.

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What is QuickBooks error C=47?

QuickBooks error code C=47 is an error that usually occurs with the settings of the internet explorer web browser for some websites. As a QuickBooks user, the user might face issues while windows server 2008 cleaning up process. It is also seen when the user makes an attempt to edit a transaction that is in the opened state in the background. It is also regarded as the issue with the browser settings for the specific protected websites. Also, users often report this error at the time of posting payments to the customers. This error is usually resolved by closing and reopening QuickBooks, but there can be other effective methods as well that one can opt for, which we will be discussing later in the post.

Files to be recovered from QuickBooks Error C=47

A user needs to understand that before he starts the troubleshooting process, he should check the files and ensure that they are available.

  • Corrupted QuickBooks Data file (.QBW)
  • Transaction log file (.TLG-  which you can find in the same folder where QBW file was stored)
  • Backup of QuickBooks Data file (if any) (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM)

Causes of QuickBooks Error C=47

Error C-47 may occur due to the following reasons:

  • QuickBooks data file is damaged or corrupted
  • Old Backup of QuickBooks data file is already present
  • Editing entries can be the reason
  • Settings of Internet Explorer are not correct. Check whether the Internet Explorer’s SSL settings are correct or not.
  • A Transaction log file is stored in corrupted file folder

Solutions to fix QuickBooks File Corruption Error C=47

Follow the easy steps to resolve the error code C=47 in QuickBooks desktop:

Method 1: Perform a complete malware scan on your system

Scanning the system for possible malware or virus attack - Screenshot

Scan your computer with the antivirus installed in it when you find the error message on your screen which says that error has occurred while the loading of \3\LXCRtime.dll. So, now remove all the infections that may affect your software. This will also help you fix QuickBooks Error Code C=47.

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Method 2: Update your QuickBooks desktop

  • Check if the QuickBooks software is completely updated or not. If it is not completely updated, then update your QuickBooks desktop before going further.
Update QuickBooks to latest release verson (Ultra Light Patch) - Screenshot
  • Resort the files once updation is done.
  • Find the Lists option an-d then click on it.
  • Choose the Chart of Accounts.
  • Now go to the View menu and click OK
  • From the menu list, click on Resort List option
  • After this, you will have the selected item list.
  • Make changes and check the item list again.
  • The same procedure will be followed for a Customer list.
  • Now, go to Customer Center and click on the ‘Customer and Jobs’ option.
  • From menu options of the View menu, click on Resort Lists.
  • Close QuickBooks as resorting is done.
  • Reboot your system and open your QuickBooks again.

Method 3: Perform a quick repair

  • Find the problem through the beneath catch which you will have download. This way, you will be able to fix the error in loading \3\LXCRtime.dll.
  • Find the Repair option and click on it. A dialogue box will appear.
  • Click on ‘Select all option’ and troubleshoot errors in software. Error code C=47 will also be included in this.

Method 4: Update the system driver

Update the driver software - Screenshot
  • Restart your PC once the driver is un-established.
  • Configure the driver and wait for it to complete.
  • Click on Start and click on Sort device manager.
  • Find the main seeking outcome and select the gadget on which you will employ the driver.
  • After this, update the driver software.
  • In the new window, browse the system for driver software.
  • Pick from the list of gadget drivers
  • Identify and introduce the driver which finishes with legacy.
  • Click on Next button.

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Method 5: Verify and Rebuild Data on your Company File

You need to use the following steps if you found issues with your data files in your company file.

Step 1: Run Rebuild Data Utility

  • Firstly click on File menu and then click on Utilities.
  • After that click on Rebuild data option.
  • Next, choose OK button, in the QuickBooks information window.
Steps of Rebuild data - Screenshot
  • Click on OK button to backup your company file
Steps of Rebuild data - Screenshot 2
  • Finally click OK when you get the message “Rebuild has completed
Steps of Rebuild data - Screenshot 3

Step 2: Run Verify Utility

After repair the damaged data by using the Rebuild Data utility you need to run the Verify utility:

Verify hosting data - Screenshot
  1. First of all you need to click on the File menu,
  2. After that choose the Utilities option and then click on Verify Data.
    • In case your QuickBooks doesn’t find any ongoing problem with your data then just click on OK button. After doing that now you may continue to use again your company file.
    • In case Verify detects any data issues, you will be prompted to Rebuild now or View errors.

Method 6: Configuring Internet Explorer in QuickBooks

At the time when the user updates the Internet explorer, it uses the standard settings for browsing. This is when the user might end up in QuickBooks error C=47. For this reason, the user might require to configure the internet explorer in QuickBooks and try to overcome the error.

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The above solutions will help you fix the QuickBooks Error Code C=47. In case, you face any difficulty after adopting all the above steps, then you can call our QuickBooks enterprise support team on toll-free i.e. 1(844)521-0490 to get instant and reliable quick technical support.


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